Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend our clients to do travel insurance to join any of our trips which covers comprehensive expenses might incur due to medical issues. Because of the remoteness of our trips, mostly trekking, trekkers must make sure that their insurance policies cover Air Ambulance, Helicopter and Medical Cost. Most of the time, trekkers suffers from High Altitude Sickness /Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) or sometime physically. The medical expenses and Helicopter Evacuation are not sometime affordable by all the travelers. There are no good medical facilities at the remote area and by surface to get to Kathmandu or other major city is almost impossible and not feasible because of geographical location, road condition and time.

Our guides and crew members make sure about your safety but sometime, it’s unwanted and unavoidable. Before buying Insurance, please make sure with your Insurance Company that they are fully aware of the trip you are doing in Nepal with Alpine Holidays Pvt. Ltd.  

There are so many options of travel insurance and please make sure you buy the correct one as per the trip you bought with us. We would like to suggest you some Insurance Company as our clients recommended us but please remember we do not arrange and sell Insurance policies.

 1.   World Nomad Travel Insurance

 2.    Zurich Travel Insurance

3.    Axa Travel Insurance

4.    Alliance Travel Insurance

5.    AIG Travel Guard Insurance

Declaration: The above Insurance companies are some of the many insurance companies our clients recommended us. They are just for recommendation and for your kind information. We are not responsible and accountable for any disputes might arise between you and your Insurer. 

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