Yoga and Wellness

Nepal, the beautiful and Himalayan country provides the solitude and environment for Yoga and Meditation is the origin place of The Vedic Sanatan Dharma, Tantra, Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda. From the private Yoga Studios, Yoga Retreats to Residential Yoga has been providing various Yoga, Meditation and wellness courses to the travelers. Yoga in the Mountains while trekking also becomes the popular wellness activities in Nepal. 

During Inhouse Yoga and Wellness program, we provide Himalayan Nature Spa for consultation with the Ayurvedha Doctors. After assessing the status of your “Doshas’, we will help structure a wellness regime of various Ayurvedic treatment therapies which also include your special dietary requirements and a schedule of Yogic exercises and meditation to bring about a holistic change for a more healthy and rejuvenated YOU. During this period, you will be assigned with a professional personal therapist who will administer all the prescribed Ayurvedic massages and treatments which would be supervised by the Ayurveda physicians. 

Yoga and Meditation sessions are mostly dedicated to simple stretching and breathing exercises such as Pranayam and Kapalbhaati and different techniques of Mediation to help you increase self awareness and concentration power. Evening Yoga classes are more technical following the Ayengar school of Yoga. Generally, there are no dietary restrictions except that you may be advised to stay off certain types of vegetables or fruits that do not suit your body type. 

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